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CPR / AED / First Aid / BLS Training and Certification
Can you count on 911 emergency services to arrive in less than 5 minutes?
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Classes include: CPR, AED, First Aid,
and BLS Certification

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Welcome to CPR Test Center. Most of the time when you see CPR being done on TV or in movies, it is done incorrectly. When a cardiac emergency happens will you be prepared and know what to do? Employers know certified individuals can be more valuable and may lead to advancements in your position and salary. Knowing when and how to perform proper CPR can mean the difference between life and death.

CPR Test Center is an accredited institution by the eCPRVerify National Registry.

Our training courses are offered completely free of charge to anyone who has the desire to learn life-saving CPR techniques. While there is no obligation to pay for the training courses, we do charge a fee for official CPR Certification. This fee covers the cost of administration, certificate registration, user support, printing and mailing of the CPR card. The total cost is a one time fee of $24.99 for the CPR/AED/First Aid Certificate and $34.99 for the BLS Healthcare Provider Certificate. Both certificates are valid for two full years from the date of issue. There are no hidden fees and no on-going payments.

learn CPR

• Learn at Your Own Pace
• Pause and Resume as Needed
• Clear and Concise Information
• Covers CPR, AED, First Aid, OSHA 1910.1030

pass the exam

• Test Any Time
• Free Re-Test Until You Pass
• Open Book Test, Use Your Notes
• Earn 1.0 CEU Professional Development Course Credit

print your certificate

• Official Certification Card Delivered by Mail
• Instant Access to Print Your Digital Certificate
• Valid for 2 Years
• Nationally Accepted

    Anna S. says, "I'm glad I didn't have to take any days off work to get certified."

    Lakeisha Y. says, "I loved it! Good info and fast delivery."

    Naheed N. says, "My work paid for this class and I really enjoyed it."

    Samantha M. says, "The training was clear and easy to understand."

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